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I am korean. I try not to stand out. I'm shy and doesn't talk much. I'm also Christian. I am proud of my korean Country.


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swiper the fox humanized by highkickfan
swiper the fox humanized
swiper: well, well, well. what should i steal from my sweet dora today?~ 
dora: swiper no swiping. swiper no swiping! 
swiper: oh man...better luck next time! but remember my dear, i'll be back! i'll steal your heart! 

Me: oh, swiper you can steal mine!!!

WIZARD and heejung fanfiction.

This takes place after the true ending of the game. I felt so bad for the wizard that I decided that he should have a happy story of his own.

Heejung slowly opened her eyes and stared at the man with beautiful shiny silver hair sleeping in front of her. "Where are am I? How did I get here?" She thought as she CONTINUED to stare at the handsome man. "It's so strange. I remember I was doing laundry and...and...what?" She was confused how she ended up like this. However, she decided that it was nothing out of the ordinary and that maybe she was just stressed out. As she was about to get up, she noticed that her small hand was being held by the man's own warm hand. Gently, she tried to pull away from him, but as if he knew she was leaving, he tightly grabbed unto her. Sighing, she gently shook the mysterious person to wake him up.

"Hm..huh?" The wizard, or rather the ex-wizard awoke from his slumber by the gentle shake of the pretty girl in front of him. As he looked at her his heart slightly trembled. "Who is she?" He placed his hand on his chest. "Why am I feeling this way?" He thought. The beautiful lady looked into his face and used her lovely voice, "Excuse me, sir. But I was hoping if you would let go of my hand?" He let go of her but the warmth on her hand still remained. He still continued to stare at her. When he did, the young lady averted her eyes and slightly blushed. He thought that was very adorable of her. He looked at her and asked the very question he was wondering as soon as he woke up, "who am I? Who are you? Where am I?"

Heejung stared at him in disbelief. "You don't remember anything?" The young man looking confused nodded his head. "So you don't remember who your parents are or where you live?" She asked. "No." The man replied sadly. She looked at him more carefully. He really had the most beautiful shiny silver hair she had ever seen in her life. Although he was a foreigner, he spoke in Korean very fluently. His eyes were dark violet that contrasted to his pale SMOOTH SKIN. To sum it up, he was the handsomest guy she had ever laid eyes on. When he looked in her eyes, she felt heat coming into her cheeks and felt shy. His confused face and his amnesia made her pity him. So with the kindness of her heart-instead of leaving him here alone- she sat down next to him.

The young lady calmly looked at him and said,"Look. I'm sorry you lost your memories. But your not the only one. Honestly, I myself don't know how I ended up here with you. Not that being being with you is bad or anything. It's just that I remember that I was doing laundry at my house today, but after that I don't remember. All I know is that I ended up here. So you're not alone." The young lady smiled at him. Thump thump. There it goes again, his heart. Why was this girl making him feel this way? Was she someone so important to him? He didn't know. However, he knew that what he was feeling was warm and pleasant. The girl continued," Since you seem to be confused. I'll tell you some things that I know. My name is Heejung and I am a college student at Busan college where I major in art. The country we are in is Korea. The place where we ended up is in a park." The ex-wizard felt a tiny pain in his head. Heejung. That name. That name sounded very familiar and painful. "Why?" He wondered. He looked at her. Maybe if he stayed with her he can find out more about who he is. More importantly how she can make him feel this way.

Heejung looked back at him and she felt nervous around him. Her pulse started to increase. Can't standing it any longer, she quickly got up and spoke, " was nice to meet you and I'm sure you'll get your memory back soon." When she was about to leave, he grabbed her wrist. She paused and looked down to see his serious eyes. "Please take me with you." Heejung's eyes got bigger in shock. "Eh? But isn't it better to go to the police? I mean. They can help find you information about yourself." She replied while she was flustering. The foreigner got up still holding her wrist. "Please. Instead of the police, I think that I might get back my memories if I stay with you. This might sound ridiculous but I feel as though I've known you. I know it sounds crazy but when I heard your name, my chest felt pain and joy. So please let me stay with you." He pleaded. Heejung turned red and stuttered, "A-a-a-are y-you sure? T-that does s-seem very strange. Well...I guess you can until your memory returns." After she said that, the guy looked at her in happiness and smiled at her. Heejung suddenly blushed and to hide her embarrassment she avoided his eye contact with her. Blushing but not looking at him she said, " I'm going home now. So follow me." As she led the way, she didn't notice that his warm big hand was still clutching her wrist.

The ex-wizard felt content. He still softly held Heejung's delicate wrists. He could feel her pulse racing within his hands. It felt wonderful. This happiness that he felt now he would treasure the moment. As he was being led, he noticed that despite the fact that Heejung tried to cover up her embarrassed face, he saw the tiny blush on her ears. He grinned to himself and thought "cute."

On the way to her house without looking back at her new roommate, she asked, "by the way, what's your name? Surely, you remember your name." As soon as she said that the person stopped in his tracks. Heejung turned to look at him. "I don't think I remember my name either." He glumly stated. Heejung quietly mumbled,"I see..." Looking at her guest, she decided to make him feel better. "Then how about this?" She asked. "How about if I give you a name for now and then when you remember your name again we'll use your real name." He nodded in agreement. Heejung beamed ad started to think for awhile. When it seemed like ages, she finally looked at him quietly excited. "I got it! How about Ji suk?" The foreigner shrugged. "I don't really know much about names so I guess I can use that one." He replied. Heejung beamed at his approval and smiled. With that issue over she continued to lead him over to her house by pulling his hand. When they arrived over to her house she went over the the front of the house and dragged him inside. "Welcome to my house! It might be small but it's comfortable. I hope you'll be happy here for awhile, jisuk." She told him. Jisuk looked at her and spoke, "um...thank you for taking me in temporarily. I greatly appreciate it. " Heejung saw the gratefulness shown through his dark violet gem like eyes. She looked back at him, feeling the heat rise to her face, and nervously whispered,"I'll show you around the house." After she said that, jisuk looked at her and chuckled. Heejung asked, " what's so funny?" Grinning, he pulled close to her by her hands that she was close to his face. Heejung squeaked and felt her heart beat rapidly as if someone was beating a drum so hard. "W-what is it?" She stuttered. Jisuk got closer. "Heejung" he started. "Y-y-yes?" She replied. One corner of jisuk's lip curved up and spoke, "you can let go my hand now." Heejung stiffened and slowly looked down at her hand and gasped. She immediately let go. "Sorry." She apologized. Jisuk held back a laugh. Heejung turned red in embarrassment. "My my my. Look how red you are. Heejung, you weren't trying to seduce me were you?" He teased.

"W-w-w-what are you talking about? Don't joke around!" She remarked with displeasure. Jisuk still smiled to himself. It seemed to him that he enjoyed teasing her. He liked the different types of reaction she would display on her face. "Oh man" he thought "I'm never going to get TIRED of her." Heejung glared at for awhile and then turned around. "C'mon." She said a bit upset with his teasing. Jisuk silently laughed to himself but didn't make any sounds that Heejung could hear. This couldn't get any better. Maybe someday, he'll figure out who he is and why he was destined to meet this sweet girl Heejung.

As Heejung showed her new roommate around the house, she was shocked, upset, and apalled. His teasing he gave earlier, really shocked her. "I can't believe he actually said that. I didn't think he was the type to tease other people. He really looks so charming and innocent. Geez! What am I going to do?! What if he's a pervert? Was I being stupid? I hope not...I don't think he is. What if he lied to me? What if-" she thought "what if what?" Jisuk interrupted. Heejung yelled in surprise,"huh?!" Jisuk looked at her with one eyebrow up and his arms crossed. "What if what?" he asked bluntly. Heejung freaked out. "Huh?! What are you talking about? I-I-I didn't say anything!" She denied. Jisuk laughed and then gave her a smirk. "You know, when you're thinking it seems like you say everything out loud once in a while." Heejung stiffened. "I do?" She couldn't believe it. "No one told me anything like that." "Well, I'm telling you now." He replied. "So what if what again?" He asked with his innocent smile. "I-I-I-I don't k-know what you're saying." Heejung stuttered with embarrassment. "Oh playing dumb are we?" He smiled. He unfolded his arms and walked towards her while she at the same time stepped backwards until she hit a wall behind her. Heejung looked up with a tiny bit of anxiety. She felt him close enough to feel his body heat come from him. "Um...jisuk? I think you're too close.." She whispered. Still not moving away from her, he asked,"so? You think I'm a pervert?" Heejung turned red with shame. "No! No! I just thought that because I heard perverts would might do something like this or something! I mean its not like I'm accusing you of being one! I swear!" She tried to explain. "What if I am?" He asked. Heejung froze. "Were you thinking that if I am a pervert, I might do this" jisuk pinned her arms to the wall behind her. Heejung looked shocked. She suddenly felt fear and panic rising in her body. She tried to struggle but he was too strong. "I can't move." She thought. As he came closer to her face, she instinctively closed her eyes almost about to cry. She waited for the horror to happen. But it didn't happen. Jisuk let go of her arms. She blinked in surprise and became angry. She looked at him in anger and was about to scream and hit his face when she stopped. He looked sad, regretful, and looked at her with pity. He looked away from her and his eyes cast downward. Heejung slowly let her arms down and some of her anger got replaced with confusion. After awhile of silence, jisuk spoke quietly, "I'm sorry, Heejung. It looks like I was went overboard this time. I'm truly sorry. I know that what I've done is horrible. Please forgive me. I had no intention of scaring you." He finally looked up at her with his clear violet eyes. "Please forgive me. I know it gives me no right to say this and it might not make any sense but I was worried about you." Heejung was still angry and confused about what he was saying but she decided to keep quiet until he was finished with what he had to say. "I was worried about you." He CONTINUED"it occurred to me that you were not experienced with men and what they can do. So...I tried to show you what they are capable of doing. I know it doesn't make sense..sorry." Jisuk slowly tried to reach for her head to pat. He hesitated but then patted her head gently. "Sorry Heejung for scaring you. I'm not a pervert though... I didn't mean for this to happen. It might for the best, if I leave. You're going to be scared of me from now on. I don't want that. Sorry. Sorry for meeting a guy like me. I hope you'll be careful and be happy. " Jisuk heads towards the door and opens the door and leaves. Heejung is stunned and collapsed on the floor on her knees. She was now totally confused. He did this for her? Because of her innocence to men? Why? Why would he be worried about her when they just met? All he said was that it was just her name that he remembered so why? Her tears that were threatened to spill earlier were pouring now. Her tears were dripping onto the floor like rain droplets. She just sat there in silence wondering what had just happened.

Jisuk sighed and sulked as he was wandering through the streets. As he was passing people by, many people stared at him in wonder and curiosity. He felt really terrible when he pretended to put the moves on Heejung earlier. "Dang it! Why did I have to that for?! " he angrily muttered to himself as he scratched his head in frustration. A few high school teenage girls walked up to him. They seemed to be excited. Not that he cared or anything. "Excuse me." One of the girls said in English, thinking that he was was a native to Korea. Jisuk glanced at them and spoke in perfect korean. "What?" The girls squealed in delight. They said to one another,"did he just speak in perfect korean? That's so cool! He's so hot!" Jisuk wasn't interested in anything about what the girls said and tried to walk away ignoring them. "Oppa! Wait! Where are you going?" The yelled as they caught up with him. Jisuk annoyed with their nonsense spoke. "Excuse me, for my rude behavior of walking away from the conversation. But I would appreciate it if you girls go home now. It's dangerous after all to be alone out here. Sorry but I don't like being crowded around. It's annoying. Bye." With that, he leaves them in a awestruck daze. He thought that it would make them angry and would leave him alone but he was wrong. "Wow!~ he's different from his image! He looks polite and innocent but he has a mean cool streak to him! Ahhh! He says mean things but he cares! He's such a tsundere! Ahh!~" the girls squeal to themselves. This made him more irritated. "Geez. What's with their delusions?! They don't know anything about me!" He grumbled but then he looks up in the sky. "I'm such a hypocrite. I don't even know myself."

That late afternoon, Heejung tossed herself into her bed tired. She looked at the clock next to her bed. It was only five o' clock. Why was time going by so slow for her? The days never felt this long before. Except the times when her mom strictly forbidden her to have fun and just study. She had felt like she was suffocating. Right now she was feeling the same feeling. "Heejung, I'm sorry...I hope you'll be careful and happy." This memory of what jisuk said to her was bugging her. "No. No. Forget about it. It was his fault in the first place. It's been a crazy day today. I need to get a hold of myself." She decided. Heejung got out of her bed and picked up her sketch BOOK. She drew to relax herself and lazily drew until night at seven o clock. While she was drawing she felt calm in mind and at peace. She relaxed and didn't think about anything else. It felt great. She went to pick up the the spray can that helps drawings to not smudge and she was going to spray it on her drawing when she stopped. Her eyes grew bigger in shock. "W-w-what?! How?! D-did I just draw that?" She asked herself. The drawing she drew was a sketch of jisuk smiling at her with affection. She dropped her spray can. She couldn't believe that what she was thinking unintentionally about was jisuk. She felt a huge feeling of guilt and shame within herself. She put her head down in regret. "It's all my fault...I shouldn't have suspected him. He did that for my sake. His method was wrong but his intentions were good. I have to apologize.'' With that, heejung grabbed her jacket and ran out the door. She ran down the streets through her neighborhood to find jisuk. when she finds him, she knew she had to apologize and forgive the man who left her for the sake of her happiness and peace.


No journal entries yet.


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I hope its good


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